Construction Materials

S.M. Gallivan LLC would like the opportunity to supply your next construction project from start to finish with all the materials needed from crushed stones to topsoil. We strive to provide the best customer service and complete all deliveries in a safe and timely fashion. Give us a call today to get your project started!!

Materials include but are not limited to the following...

Crushed Stones

  1. Crusher Run
  2. Crushed #2 Stone
  3. Crushed #3 Stone
  4. Crushed #1 & #2 Blend
  5. Dry Screenings (Stone Dust)
  6. Recycled Concrete Material

Sands & Gravels

  1. ROB Sand
  2. Sandy Loam
  3. Septic Sand
  4. Concrete Sand
  5. ROB Gravel
  6. Screened Item #4 Gravel
  7. Septic Gravel

Screened Soils

  1. Topsoil
  2. Custom Blending (available to meet your specific need)


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